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Paula Valls Cd Cover

Paula Valls “I AM”
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Paula Valls presents I AM (Satélite K, 2018), her first long term work, produced by David Soler. A more intimate and naked work in which we can feel the silences speaking on their own. This is all made in a different register from her impressive debut EP Black and White.
Black and White was considered her first step into professionalization, an experiment in which she explained stories about others. On the other hand, I AM, is a project led entirely by her. It is a work in which Paula Valls (Manlleu, 1999) dares to talk about her own experiences and her recent life events. Feeling lost and not finding herself, difficult moments and changes, making important decisions a reflection of her fast personal evolution. A tone sometimes sad, bus always, even if is is just a little, wish a spark of hope. This is her introduction so she world, showing herself as she really is.
I AM could have come directly from the USA: black music (soul, blues and jazz) and American folk mix together with the influence from the acclaimed producer Joe Henry, who has had an impact into Paula’s growth since very little, to offer a recording with a very clear organic intention.


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