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Mamba is a company that is engaged in the following areas of activity: plumbing, heating, electricity, air conditioning and renewable energy systems.
The logo idea was based on the image of one of the most powerful and dangerous snakes the black mamba, which initially served as the client’s key reference.
We played with the B shape to create the double semantics of the letter-shape. In this way, a clear and laconic form was found as a visual solution for the logo, combining the outline of the company name and the image of a mamba. The found sign has become a key form for permanent use within the corporate identity of the company.
The corporate colors are 2 achromatic colors (white and black) and the main chromatic color orange, which causes direct associations with the color of the tools required to perform the above work.
As a result, a memorable, universal, associative and functional corporate identity was formed, distinguished by its expressiveness and uniqueness.
Art Director & Graphic Design — Xavier Esclusa Trias
Motion Graphics – Xavier Guinot

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