Caravann Consulting, LLC.

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Caravann Consulting, LLC.

Caravann Consulting, LLC.
Caravann Consulting is a strategy and executive coaching consultancy based in Berkeley, California that helps other companies achieve their business goals.
The design of the Caravann brand was carefully created to represent the idea of a journey towards business success, using carefully selected warm and cool colors to convey a sense of adventure and movement. 
The typography used in the brand, Awards Display, was chosen for its unique details, particularly the tail of the letter R, which resembles a road or path. The lines used in the brand are also inspired by the road, further symbolizing the path traveled with clients towards their objectives.
The Caravann brand design is modern with a vintage touch, using unique shapes and details to create a distinctive and memorable brand. The combination of warm tones symbolizes closeness and trust, while the cool tones symbolize professionalism and seriousness.
In summary, the design of the Caravann brand reflects the idea of a journey towards business success, using a combination of warm and cool colors, unique typography with a distinctive letter R, and lines inspired by the road. The result is a modern and distinctive image for the strategy and executive coaching consultancy.

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